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Every Friday the Open Air Artisanal Market will be available to the community, in support of St. Stephens Episcopal church Outreach Efforts.

The market will feature a wide variety of vendors of artisanal food, produce, arts and crafts and other artisan items. Local vendors, artists and Makers from the Grove and across South Florida are invited to apply for a booth.

Booths are limited at this time for physical distance, first come first serve and rotating weeks for participants.
Call or Text 305-906-1287

Art is in the Heart for over 30 years and will continue for 30 more!

Dear Artists and Friends,

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changes so many things in our daily moments, values and lives we at St. Stephens want you to know we are thinking of you. What can we do? We have gathered grant information for you and will open the 2021 show application for Free until this quarantine is over. Click here for artist grant information.

This long standing, nationally significant show has opened its application process, maintaining "Art is in the Heart" as not just our theme but as our code of conduct at all times.

The 2021 event WILL continue to be held within steps of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and is renown to buyers and artists alike who consistently rate us A+ for patron and artist treatment, amenities, facilities and volunteer support.

The free application time for artists is June 1st to August 31st, made possible by the generosity of St. Stephens Episcopal Church Donors. September Reduced Fee of $5.00 and late Application fee is $25 in October. Deadline is October 31st for all applicants.

Congratulations to local photographer, Larry Shane the
2019 St Stephens art show poster winner.

Celebrating Arts for over 29 Years

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